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Lojban: The Language of the Future for Both Humans and Bots?


Lojban is an experiment in constructing a human language which could be universally understood by humans from different cultural backgrounds and unambiguously parsed by bots. Lojban (pronounced loʒban, where «ʒ» is like «s» in «pleasure») can serve as a speakable language, a literary language, an intellectual device for creative writing, a potential machine interlingua, a […]

Plutarch as a life coach


Plutarch, a famous classical Greek author, once wrote a brilliant sentence which could be easily applied to our identity search here on Steemit. «We do not expect a vine to bear figs, nor an olive grapes, yet nowadays, with regard to ourselves, if we have not at one and the same time the privilege of […]

What is money to you?


To me, money is the equivalent of love to life. It means to be open to infinite new possibilities life brings about and to do things I never tried before. If I only focus on things I find most important, I’m in a box, however smart and hard-working I am. To love life implies seeking […]