Plutarch as a life coach

Plutarch, a famous classical Greek author, once wrote a brilliant sentence which could be easily applied to our identity search here on Steemit.

«We do not expect a vine to bear figs, nor an olive grapes, yet nowadays, with regard to ourselves, if we have not at one and the same time the privilege of being accounted rich and learned, generals and philosophers, flatterers and outspoken, stingy and extravagant, we slander ourselves and are dissatisfied, and despise ourselves as living a maimed and imperfect life». (Moralia)

That’s still true in our time and environment. If we are not a blockchain guru and cryptocurrency millionaire, we think we are living an imperfect life. The truth is, just one thing is enough to make us successful: to be truly ourselves. Then time and luck are on our side.

Header image: Dōmo-kōmo from the Bakemono Zukushi, a Japanese handscroll depicting 24 traditional monsters. Source: Wikimedia Commons

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