First post, or Hello world!

As far as I know, nobody reads first posts. What a pity — some of them are worth reading. Here are the first posts of blogs I read most. Although long forgotten, they are often symbolic.

Gapingvoid’s first post — titled «Contact» (isn’t it symbolic, with the focus on conversation his blog has?)

37signals — titled «Warm Idea» (isn’t their blog about user friendly ideas, after all? 🙂

Douglas Bowman’s first post is titled «Something New», very modest for Bowman’s famous website, and is an interesting reading, especially in time perspective:

It’s with great humility that I hammer out this first post. Humility, because I enter the game way after many others. Humility because others have been practicing and polishing their writing on a daily — or somewhat daily — basis for x years times 365 days. The sheer size and breadth of some of their blogs makes me feel like I’m sitting down at a table full of experienced high rollers with only $5 of tokens in my pocket.

I sign to that.

Then, Seth Godin’s first post, back in 2002, strangely titled «Boring». Perhaps that’s exactly the fight with boring things that makes Seth’s blog so interesting?

And finally, what about Jeffrey Zeldman, the pioneer of the web? I don’t know how to find his first post, as blogs didn’t even exist when he started publishing his famous site, but here is the first page saved at the Wayback Machine, back in 1996, when I first started reading his inspirational notes that led me to the path of web development.

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Nice first post.

I called my first post: «First Flog» because I talked about the Ball of Whacks. («Flog» also is a slang word for «selling» and it nicely rhymes with blog.)

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