Introducing DBREAD, a Token to Support Talented People


DBREAD, or daily / digital bread, is my upcoming vote token intended to support talented people in the Age of Abundance. The dream behind this token is to help creatives, like writers for example, to focus on their work for longer times without having to worry too much about the income.

I am currently building a community where we will sample the best work via contests and manual curation and then give out these tokens letting the authors use whale votes on their other posts. It means, I’d like to give out tokens not on one-time basis but as a long-time support.

Recently I’ve run a contest for writers where participants applied with their best literary work documented on blockchain and the winner has got whale upvotes from the Whaleshares community for her next ten posts and also long-term upvotes from the Isle of Write community account and from myself. DBREAD tokens were also given out to the shortlist members.

Now I plan to run a similar contest for coders who are the authors of their own projects, too, as their work is in fact similar to writer’s: a coder needs long-time support to independently produce anything of value.

The tokens can also be rewarded for community service and later spent on education purposes on our upcoming selfdev portal where we will offer various blockchain-related learning programs.

DBREAD tokens are BitShares-based and will start having value after the Whaleshares mainnet launch. Follow this blog to learn about upcoming contests, airdrops and other events where you can get them.

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  • Chris Bird says:

    Hi Vit. When I went to your blog, I noticed that you had a site, apart from the blockchain. This is nice to see.

    Eight kids? Wow. We have two and that’s enough for me. Where do you find the time for everything?

    Oh, and I also have two naughty dogs. Blue started eating the garbage right in front of me yesterday.

    • Vitaly Kolesnik says:

      Yes finding time gets complicated 🙂 Happily, the elder kids can already take care about themselves and also help with younger ones.

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