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Photo Trip: Theresia’s Valley in South Bohemia


South Bohemia is a beautiful region for those in search of non-mainstream travel destinations. Aside from it’s famous Budweiser beer, South Bohemia’s primary attractions are it’s wonderful nature as well as a rich historic heritage. It’s a land of forest mountains and fields, small winding rivers and large old ponds built by masters of the Renaissance period (Rozmberk, the biggest world’s fishing pond, is here).

Searching for manliness


When searching for manliness, a man is actually searching for integrity. He is searching for power, but one of a special kind. It’s a power springing out of inner silence, quietude and wholeness. It’s like the silence of a forest — it’s silent, but not empty. It’s like the silence of Spirit — not ignorant, but knowing. This force is born in the silence of the heart, just like a spring is silently born in the deepness of the earth. It’s like a rock’s silence ready to amplify your voice. It’s like a tree’s silence with the leaves breathing, the juices flowing, the cells growing. The silence of an electrified thundercloud ready to become a fiery arrow. The silence of an age-old pond holding the heavenly abyss.

The Western Canon: Defining Classics


What people and works could be called the West’s most important classics? The Western Canon is a relatively recent (1994) book by Harold Bloom in which the author tries to select the most influential authors and books of all time. Despites the fact that the very idea of such a canon is disputed, the 26 authors listed by Bloom are definitely worth reading. As for the entire book list (about 2400 items), I only wish I could read them all.