Prose Poem: White Sun

White sun is bathing in the haze of the frosty morning. My freedom is as far away as the sun, unattainable and inviting—a diamond with thousands of sparkling facets, shining with rays of opportunities, each of which is capable of plunging me into the darkness of exhaustion.

Look through the glittering facets, into the depths, to where the mystery lies, to where the force awakens, into the emptiness from which everything has been born.

The eternal dance of the world is created by the one who stays in the motionless center of the circle, the source of all movement. Every bend of the dance returns to the center, every ray leads to the sun, every glare of the diamond witnesses its depth which only gives strength to its glow.

2 replies on “Prose Poem: White Sun”

Well. You are a bit of an enigma. Do you find a balance when you are writing? How does it work when you write code? I have tried to learn it but haven’t been able to grasp it. I think that is because it doesn’t interest me enough to actually focus on it. I’m just curious as to whether you find it boring now and write poetry for some depth or excitement, or whether writing code is a form of poetry in its own right.

The feelings are different for me, but I enjoy both. Coding isn’t boring at all. However, if I were to choose, I’d choose poetry 🙂

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