The Age of Abundance: DAOs are Coming

We are already living in a situation of abundance, or more precisely—at the point of transition from non-material to material abundance. Here’s how.

The first step towards the age of abundance was the era of the soul, or an abundance in humanity’s psychic life: the world of prehistoric people was densely inhabited by gods and spirits. Ancient myths, symbols, and archetypes formed the basis of religion and culture of the first civilizations.

This cultural foundation gave birth to philosophy which then became the mother of all sciences. So came the second step—the era of the mind, or abundance in the sphere of thinking and rational knowledge crowned with the emergence of modern science.

The rise of science made possible the advent of the third era—the era of machines. Science-based technology has in turn made the processing of matter cheap and affordable. And now we are on the threshold of the fourth era—the era of material abundance.

Many material problems today have already been solved for a large number of people and, perhaps, they would have been solved for everyone, if not for the still prevailing nineteenth-century-world mentality based on the outdated axiom of the scarcity of world resources, as well as greed, miserliness and the habit of the Powers that Be to solve all problems using violence.

Until almost two hundred countries are fighting fiercely for a place at the helm of the Spaceship Earth, world poverty won’t disappear, because the resources that could be directed at its elimination are spent on the struggle of governments against each other and the arms race.

Blockchain technology made possible for the first time in history the emergence of self-governing, self-funding, autonomous communities that can act globally without a central direction. It means that problems that can’t be solved at the level of centralised entities like states or multinational corporations, including the problem of poverty, can be solved by direct interaction of people organised in decentralised autonomous communities.

And while really big projects in this sphere are yet to emerge, the first experiments are already here, and my bet is that this year will show us an impressive growth with many new opportunities coming.

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