Visual Design: 10 Inspirational ICO Websites

ICO is one of the hottest trends in IT world now, so I as a UX designer have started my own collection of hottest ICO website designs. Today I’m sharing with you 10 inspiring ICO websites I’ve manually selected from over 100 upcoming or currently active ICOs.

Fashion is changing fast — in ten years we will smile looking at it the same way as now I’m smiling looking at my ten-years-old collection of dot-com era websites. But for now it’s definitely worth our attention as it personifies the zeitgeist and shows some evident trends a smart designer can use… or avoid 🙂

To make things more stimulating for crypto investors, I’ve took all the websites from active or upcoming ICOs. I’ve also added short ICO descriptions from in case you wonder what a particular ICO is about.

So, let’s have a look at these websites:

1. Envion

Highly profitable, global crypto-mining-infrastructure — Hosted in mobile, modular CSC containers — Decentralized placement directly at energy source.

Visit this site, it’s nicely animated. Made with a great taste and attention to details. The team is Swiss, and Swiss people is known for their love to good design.

2. Bounty0x

A decentralized bounty hunting platform enabling anyone to manage bounty programs, and bounty hunters to receive payment for completing bounty tasks.

Made with humour and skill.

3. Bloom

Bloom is an end-to-end protocol for identity attestation, risk assessment and credit scoring, entirely on the blockchain. Bloom allows both traditional and digital currency lenders to serve billions of people who currently cannot obtain a bank account or credit score.

A very delicate, neat, decent design.

4. The Bee Token

Decentralizing Short-Term Housing Rentals. Blockchain Powered Platform With 0% Commissions, Network Effects, Bank-Level Security, and Immutable Reviews.

A conceptual design, the first two screens are especially nice. I less like the typographics and the bottom half in general.

5. EOS

The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications.

«And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it». The only thing I don’t like here is the grey shadow under the logo.

6. Universa

Universa is a blockchain protocol with high speed and low cost of procession operations.

A very clear, systematic, well-thought design with a typographic accent.

7. Sirin Labs

SIRIN LABS — the developer of SOLARIN, an ultra-secure mobile phone — is holding a crowdsale event. Funds raised will support the development of FINNEY™, the first open source blockchain smartphone and all-in-one PC.

A cool first screen animation, the rest of the website is rather quiet.


HOQU is the first decentralized marketing platform that allows merchants and affiliates to interact directly without brokers and ensures fair cost per actions deals based on a smart contracts.

Dynamic design, nice first screen. Way too much animation.

9. STK Token

STACK is a new personal finance platform, built on the idea that using your money should be free.

An animated front page, the rest is just decent.

10. Winding Tree

Winding Tree is a blockchain-based distribution platform for the travel industry.

A neat and clean design with nice illustration.

And now a small gift for you the attentive ones who are still with me:

The three don’t dos of ICO website design

  • Rotating dot constellations and wandering dots. Too much of them recently.
  • Consultant chat alarm sound on site load. Too annoying.
  • Too much parallax and animation in non-essential areas.

Feel free to share more inspirational website designs in comments!

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