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When Dreams Come True

Philosophers say our desires are always already fulfilled, so we better desire wisely, asking ourselves, what is most important. Our dreams always come true, but not always as quickly as we would like. It depends on the speed of the changes inside us, because if a dream becomes a reality, it means that we begin matching this dream. This process of alignment doesn’t happen quickly, and it is also absolutely organic—we cannot buy it, as well as we cannot impose it on ourselves.

In every moment, we are best fitted to the present reality—as within, so without. It means that everything is good the way it is… and everything is going for the better, because evolution continues.

In times of change, both in the soul and in the world, growth, however radical, occurs on the roots already present. Therefore, being yourself and knowing yourself is just as important as improving yourself and changing your life. Every person has a certain set of internal axioms that does not change throughout life, and that’s good, because it can serve as a support for us. After all, we can rely only on ourselves, drawing strength from our inner well that is directly connected to the ocean of evolution.

When dreams come true, a new age comes, both in the soul and in the world, an age when expansion is replaced by maturation, the outer by the inner, when the horizontal development is raising into the vertical of spirit that recognizes the mortality and limitations of the body, but retains faith in immortality … and the sense of humor.

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